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The Bebop schema language compiler
bebopc [command] [options]
-?, -h, --help Show help and usage information
--version Show version information
-df, --diagnostic-format <Enhanced|JSON|MSBuild> Specifies the format which diagnostic messages are printed in. [default: Enhanced]
-c, --config Compile the project given the path to its configuration file. [default: Core.Meta.BebopConfig]
-i, --include Specifies an array of filenames or patterns to include in the compiler. These filenames are resolved relative to the directory
containing the bebop.json file.
-e, --exclude Specifies an array of filenames or patterns that should be skipped when resolving include.
--init Initializes a Bebop project and creates a bebop.json file.
--list-schemas-only Print names of schemas that are part of the compilation and then stop processing.
--show-config Print the final configuration instead of building.
--locale Set the language of the messaging from bebopc. This does not affect emit.
--trace Enable tracing of the compiler.
build Build schemas into one or more target languages.
watch Watch input files.
convert Convert schema files from one format to another.

To get help on a specific command, use bebopc <command> --help.